Bland Selv


Mix your own tv-package - og change the canals every month!

In Kobbelnet you have the option to mix your own tv-package. You can choose between our fix-package with de most popular tv-canals, or you can handpick some of your own tv-canals.

Bland Selv Mellem- og Fuldpakke

Bland Selv means that you can decide, which canals you want in mellem- or fuldpakke with bland-selv.

However, you cannot change any of the canals in Grundpakken. The number of tv-canals in a bland-selv-package is the same number of canals in the fix mellem- and fuldpakke.


The prices for from 1/1-2020 to 31/12-2020 are

Mellempakken 10 mix canals+ 25 fix canals (Grundpakken) kr. 389,- pr. month

Fuldpakken 35 mix canals+ 25 fix canals (Grundpakken) kr. 514,- pr. month


Contact YouSee Kundeservice on tlf. 70 70 40 70 to order

Facts about Bland Selv:

• TV with Bland Selv makes it possible for you to compose your own TV package.

• The price of the Bland Selv packages is the same as the price of the fixed medium and full package Bland Selv channels can be replaced every month if you want to. Without extra cost

• The channels in the basic package cannot be replaced. They are still uncoded and can therefore be seen on all televisions without a card or box.

• The optional TV channel broadcasts are coded. Therefore, either a YouSee TV box or card and card reader (CA module) are needed The first card is included free of charge

• You need a box or card reader for each TV on which you want to watch its optional channels. Your Bland Selv channels are personal. To see them, you must use a YouSee card and card reader for each TV you want to watch channels on.

• Switching to a Bland Selv package costs a package switch.

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